Shelf-Life of Filled Bottles

In order to appease the valid concerns of the International Wine Industry, the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute in Germany was commissioned to conduct dtandardized testing in real-time, to study the effectiveness of PET resin bottles barrier technology in comparison to glass bottles, over a two-year period. Upon completion of all systematic tests, the Institute concluded their was no major difference in color, taste, and peek freshness and the quality of the Wine when comparing glass to PET Resin bottles. The shelf-life is as follows:
187ml (26 gram) Single-Serve Bottle, is up to 12 months from time of fill and seal;
750ml/1000ml (66 gram) Full-Sized Bottle is up to 24 months from time of fill and seal;
It is important to note that the wine within the bottles will not lose its freshness right after the shelf-life listed above, but this timeline is our recommended desired shelf-life of the Wine being filled.