Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for Custom-Bottles begins at 30,000 bottles for standard colours
& designs. However, the minimum can be lower for certain bottle types we produce

2) What is your lead-time for each order?

Our normal lead-time is 6-8 weeks, but can be longer if a custom-mold build or
custom-colour is required.

3) Are all of NuVine Packaging’s PET Resin bottles FDA/Health Canada approved?

Absolutely. All of NuVine’s plastic resins we use to manufacturer our bottles are fully
F.D.A. and Health Canada approved. We also will send certificate of compliance
sheets upon placing an order.

4) Is Confidentiality a normal practice at NuVine Packaging?

Absolutely. NuVine Packaging maintains high confidentiality with all the customers
and suppliers we work with. This is used to protect both our customer and NuVine
Packaging. NuVine has a mutual non- disclosure agreement that is used on all
projects undertaken.

5) What is the Shelf-Life for Wine in the PET resin wine bottle ?

These PET resin wine bottle is ideally suited for ready consumable wines and provide
superior peek shelf life performance of up to 24 months for the full-sized 750ml and
12 months for the 187ml single-serve.

6) Have these bottles been used before?

Yes, the plastic resin has been used in the market for over ten years by well known
wine brands in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

7) What colors are the bottles available in?

The stock colors are Flint (Clear), Green and Black. Custom colors such as Cobalt
Blue, are available but a minimum order will be required.

8) Can I use a cork for these bottles?

At this time only 30mm x 60mm Aluminum & Plastic Stelvin Screw-Caps can be used
to cap this bottle. In oxidation tests, Stelvin Caps have been proven to prevent
oxidation of wine even better than Corks.

9) Can any of these bottles be used for sparkling wine and carbonated wine

No, these bottles are not suitable for carbonated sparkling wines. The bottles can
only be used for light carbonation, less than 3 Bars of Pressure for carbonated wine

10) Are any special filling conditions required for the filling of PET resin wine
bottle ?

No there is not. However, It’s important to evacuate the headspace when filling
bottles (plastic or glass) with screw cap closures. This can be done with purging a
dose of nitrogen right before the closure is applied to the bottle. It’s also important
that the closures are applied and sealed properly to ensure the proper shelf-life is

11) Can the bottles withstand extreme temperatures fluctuations and are they
suitable for Ocean Shipment?

Yes. the performance of the PET resin wine bottle would be very similar, if not
better than glass for freezing temperatures as well as long temperature fluctuations
in ocean shipments. temperatures.