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The PET resin wine bottle creates the opportunity to serve wine in places where glass has previously been very challenging to serve or prohibited.

Stadiums, Outdoor Concerts; Festival Venues: Glass Bottles are prohibited at these venues, so it very time consuming & difficult to serve wine efficiently. PET Resin Single-Serve Bottles will address this challenge.

Chain-Style Restaurants: These locations usually sell value priced ready consumable wines, and would likely favor plastic the safety and lightweight of plastic wine bottles rather than glass.

Major alcoholic distribution systems such as the LCBO/S.A.Q., Private Alcohol Retailers and Grocery Stores are actively monitoring the industry producers for their comment to provide suitable lightweight and environmentally sustainable alternative packaging which help them reach their corporate environmental mandate and to ensure they stay compliant with ministry regulations regarding workplace health and safety concerns.

Wine Clubs Online Shipping: Estate wineries who have active wine clubs and onlineretail stores who ship wine to members regularly will benefit from this bottle from the reduction in Shipping Cost and no more Breakage of bottles.